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JesuS is the King of kings

Author: Kavian Ferdowsi

  • Pleasure is not happiness

    Pleasure is not happiness

    Pursuit of happiness is different with Pursuit of pleasure Pleasure doesn’t equal happiness That is a fallacy that people facing it today. Happiness is inside you But you running after that to find it  ,but better you look att yourself.  What you have inside that you already have it then why you should look after…

  • Elvis from the Street: A Life Story of Music, Homelessness, and Impersonal Bureaucracy

    Elvis from the Street: A Life Story of Music, Homelessness, and Impersonal Bureaucracy

    Janne “Elvis” Berlin Born in Uppsala, Currently residing in Stockholm. Has three siblings and four children. My father is a Roma from Poland, and my mother is a Swedish travelling tinker. My mother lived in a treatment home in Almunge, and my father lived nearby; that’s where they met. During the 1920s and 1930s, many…

  • Why The Elderly?

    Why The Elderly?

    The Significance of the Elderly for the Harmony, Safety, and Joy of Society: a Deep Dive It cannot be denied that a society’s greatness can largely be judged by its respect for the elderly. This respect is a symbol of a culture that values experience, wisdom, and humanity – values deeply rooted in Iran, the…

  • Buried or Planted?From Darkness to Vitality

    Buried or Planted?From Darkness to Vitality

    When you’re in a dark place, you might think you’ve been buried, but actually, you’ve been planted. As you navigate through the darkness, you simultaneously face Satan, and around you, you can hear and see Satan’s allies ready to tear you apart. Stay calm, focus, be patient and brave, go through the darkness, but don’t…

  • Amo, an honorable man from Iraq who was forced away from the safety of his homeland

    Amo, an honorable man from Iraq who was forced away from the safety of his homeland

    Amo is a homeless man who found himself on the streets five years ago. Life’s trials and tribulations have forced him to find a home on the hard asphalt of the streets. Despite the circumstances, Amo is humble, and his love for his fellow human beings shines brightly, even in the most difficult moments. When…

  • The Silent Suffering of Homelessness

    The Silent Suffering of Homelessness

    Swollen feet and legs – an invisible catastrophe Swollen feet are often the result of fluid accumulation in the tissues. This chronic swelling, also called edema, can cause discomfort and give a feeling of extra weight in the feet and tiredness.The sensation of the skin can also change, become tight and tense, with particularly noticeable…

  • Why a Sleeping Bag?

    Why a Sleeping Bag?

    Homeless Essentials: Safety and Devotion Imagine suddenly becoming homeless this evening. What’s the first thing you would need? It’s not food, water, or clothes – even though they’re important – it’s sleep. a peaceful, undisturbed sleep to regain your strength, sharpen your mind, and prepare you for the coming day of struggling to find food…

  • Why Family?

    Why Family?

    The bonds of family and its significance are a central part of our lives. In a family where each member shows respect, listens, and supports one another, strong cohesion and affection are created. a strong and healthy family is characterized by parents who devote their time and commitment to their children. These parents let their…

  • Love and the Homeless

    Love and the Homeless

    Do homeless people also fall in love? There is a love that is eternal, a love that never leaves us and is always loyal to us, and it is the love of GOD through HIS son JesuS Christ. This love is the best and most recommended. That’s why i love GOD more than myself, much…

  • Anders


    Anders says, i wonder why I should go on living… This situation raises a serious question: Is there no one who can halt this unfortunate development? Anders feels hopeless and uncertain about his future. He feels he cannot start his life over. Had they not changed the retirement law and kept increasing the age requirement,…