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Hemlösas Tidning

JesuS is the King of kings

Author: Kavian Ferdowsi

  • Food prices have affected everyone in society

    Food prices have affected everyone in society

    It has become more difficult for ordinary people, and especially hard for the homeless. The homeless have been hit hard. Homeless people already suffer from a lack of vitamins and essential nutrients, but now they are hit even harder. Homeless people who sleep on the street partly get food from certain churches or organizations like…

  • Surprising Booster

    Surprising Booster

    When you walk barefoot on the earth, you gain the benefit of electromagnetic resonance. At 7.83 Hz, this is considered the ‘heartbeat’ of the earth, which aligns with our own heartbeat That’s why when you walk barefoot on the sand, grass, or stone, and especially when you hug a tree while barefoot, you enhance your…

  • Presenting JesuS Beside Us

    Presenting JesuS Beside Us

    Presenting JesuS, the Son of Almighty GOD standing beside me to others, is a challenge that requires caution, courage, and honesty, anchored by the words of the Bible, and avoid of my personal interpretations or philosophies. This entails expressing my faith and honest discourse and representation. Understanding is not just about my perception; even other’s…

  • Keep Hope Alive

    Keep Hope Alive

    See your problem as an opening, an opportunity for GOD to spread light in your life. Don’t give up. Sitting on my own problem mountain, surrounded by catastrophic darkness, i saw no solution. But even in the deepest darkness, i knew the dawn was on its way. i cried out, with my whole body, every…

  • The Value of a New Day: Life’s Invaluable Gift

    The Value of a New Day: Life’s Invaluable Gift

    🟩 If i offered you a gift of 3 million kronor, would you accept it? 🟥 Yes, why not? 🟩 But if my only requirement was that you, from tomorrow, would never wake up again. Would today be your last day. Would you still accept the gift? 🟥 No. 🟩 Why not? 🟥 Because it’s…

  • Wild Mushrooms have the only vegen source of vitamin d other than sun

    Wild Mushrooms have the only vegen source of vitamin d other than sun

    It is loaded with b vitamin which are really essential for your skin For  your heart for your mood  , adrenals ,stress , a high amount of copper and it is in a plant based form. It is a type of copper that is needed in the vitamin c complex. So wild mushrooms are high…

  • GOD’S phone number

    GOD’S phone number

    Jeremiah 33:3 Call to ME and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. -GOD our heavenly FATHER

  • a Small Thing and a Fond Memory

    a Small Thing and a Fond Memory

    The Role of Nail Clippers for the Homeless There is an item, seemingly insignificant, that is necessary in the everyday life of the homeless – the nail clipper. For many, it might seem irrelevant, but for the homeless, it’s a tool for basic hygiene and well-being. Among the homeless, it is not uncommon for individual…

  • Happy or Unhappy

    Happy or Unhappy

    Put yourself in others’ shoes, then treat them kindly. Keep your thoughts and your heart positive towards others, not negative. Maintain a good, not bad, view and feeling. Never judge others, By doing so, you will find happiness. Ensure that your thoughts and heart are decent, not indecent. Keep your trust in GOD, and you…

  • The Heavens

    The Heavens

    The heavens declare the glory of GOD; the skies proclaim the work of HIS HANDS Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Bible, Psalm 19 1