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JesuS is the King of kings

  • Love and the Homeless

    Love and the Homeless

    Do homeless people also fall in love? There is a love that is eternal, a love that never leaves us and is always loyal to us, and it is the love of GOD through HIS son JesuS Christ. This love is the best and most recommended. That’s why i love GOD more than myself, much…

  • Anders


    Anders says, i wonder why I should go on living… This situation raises a serious question: Is there no one who can halt this unfortunate development? Anders feels hopeless and uncertain about his future. He feels he cannot start his life over. Had they not changed the retirement law and kept increasing the age requirement,…

  • Call for Sponsorship

    Call for Sponsorship

    The Homeless Newspaper Homelessnewspaper.com is not profit-driven, with no personnel costs or other types of expenses. The only cost is what we pay to the printing company to print the newspapers. The homeless sell the newspapers and keep all the proceeds. Therefore, we need the support of a printing company that can print the Homeless…

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    JesuS said to his disciples in John 14:6, “i am the way, the truth, and the life.” GOD is our heavenly FATHER and JesuS is HIS son. JesuS is the only way, the truth, and the life. The truth is not a matter of perspective. Truth is a constant, an unchanging reality, regardless of opinions…

  • The two most effective ways to help the homeless are

    The two most effective ways to help the homeless are

    Homeless Newspaper

  • Bostad.shop


    What is Bostad.shop? Bostad.shop is a non-profit service that includes a specific section named “Homeless”. It is completely free to post ads concerning the homeless, poor, pensioners, and students. If you are homeless or want to assist the homeless, you simply need to visit Bostad.shop and create an ad for what you want to donate…

  • Nettles enhance the immune system

    Nettles enhance the immune system

    Nettle is a part of the nettle family and is more valuable than we often realize. Nettles are incredibly nutritious and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Historically, nettles have been used as a medicinal plant for the treatment of influenza, to facilitate digestion, and as a diuretic. This versatile plant can be…

  • Minister for the Homeless

    Minister for the Homeless

    For many years, i have fought and tried to convince the state that a minister for the homeless is the solution to homelessness, where all resources, information, and opportunities should be gathered. Instead of large non-profit organizations and companies becoming richer and richer, people can focus on an authority called the “department for the homeless”…

  • Invisible Diseases

    Invisible Diseases

    Within us all, there are diseases that might not be so visible, yet they are there, like invisible ghosts shadowing our souls. We are talking about diseases like stress, cancer, but also the more abstract ones: the thirst of materialism, the poison of immorality, the cold of loneliness, the iron grip of greed, the shame…

  • a Voice for the Homeless and a Duty for us All

    a Voice for the Homeless and a Duty for us All

    Homelessness is a global challenge affecting millions of people around the world. It is time for us all to take our moral responsibility and commit to combating this growing problem. a groundbreaking publication that gives a voice to the homeless and spreads hope is Homeless Newspaper (Homelessnewspaper.com) a unique and engaging platform that everyone should…