Homeless Newspaper
Hemlösas Tidning

JesuS is the King of kings

My feet frozen in the cold blue

My feet frozen in the cold blue,
My hands are colder than snow.
In the snow, there’s a trace.
It leads me to a wo.
Inside, i sing a song
And JesuS who was so:
YOU saw me
Before i see YOU
YOU see me, YOU are, YOU are.
YOU’RE in my voice, in the heart, and always
Hooo Hooo Hooo
Thank YOU for YOUR son
Thank YOU for sending JesuS.
JesuS JesuS JesuS
My word is only YOU
Fill me with YOUR glory.
Guide and lead me to YOU.
YOU, who are our FATHER.
YOU, who sacrificed YOUR SON
Thank YOU for the way and the Truth
Life is our salvation.
Save us from evil
Lead us to YOU, our FATHER.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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