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In a fascinating and terrifying story

An 8-year-old girl received a heart transplant from another girl of the same age. This initiated a series of strange events. The heart transplant was a big deal, but it was successful. However, this was just the beginning of her unusual experience.

Shortly after the transplant, the girl began having a recurring, terrifying dream. The dream was so real and happened so often that her doctors became worried. They arranged for her to speak with a psychiatrist. After hearing about her dream, the psychiatrist realized it was not just an ordinary dream – it seemed like a real memory.

In an attempt to understand what was going on, they called in a forensic artist. The girl was asked to provide many details about her dream. It always began with her running through a dark forest as if she was in danger. A man was chasing her and when she fell, he caught her and injured her severely. The man in her dream said certain words to her that she remembered very well, and then he would kill her.

With a detailed image from the girl’s memory, and the terrifying words the man in her dream said, the police were called. They quickly found a man who looked like the one from her dream. When they accused him, he confessed to the terrible crime.

The pivotal moment was when the man said the same words during the interrogation that the girl had heard in her dreams. This key evidence helped to convict him for the murder of a young girl. Somehow, the memory of the victim had remained in her heart cells, which now resided in the girl who received the transplant.

This amazing story shows us the mystery of how memory can be stored in our hearts. Our heart remembers what we do and how we do it.

Ordinary people have always said that you remember with both the heart and the brain, that you can decide with the heart and the brain. But researchers and scientists have denied this, saying that it is solely the brain that remembers things and makes decisions.

However, what science and research say is not always correct, and of course what they say is always relevant. Now it has been proven in many ways that the heart is not just a muscle; our heart is also our brain, something we knew already thousands of years ago.”

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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