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Food prices have affected everyone in society

It has become more difficult for ordinary people, and especially hard for the homeless. The homeless have been hit hard. Homeless people already suffer from a lack of vitamins and essential nutrients, but now they are hit even harder. Homeless people who sleep on the street partly get food from certain churches or organizations like Hemlosa.se, and partly buy their food by collecting cans for recycling or when, for example, they sell “Homeless Newspaper”.

When basic goods like milk, cheese, bread, butter, rice, and fruit become much more expensive, it becomes harder for the homeless to buy these, and they have thus reduced their purchases of these goods. Food prices have increased between 17% to 40%, and the homeless, who already suffer from injustice, find themselves at the very bottom of society. i don’t know if there is a lower step in society for them to fall to?

Food is distributed to the homeless and poor during Hemlosa.se’s breakfast distribution on Vasagatan in Stockholm, 06:00 on weekdays, 07:00 on weekends. Every day of the year.

Many business owners and managers have seen their salaries increase, and they don’t know what to do out of joy, while the rest of society suffers from it. They become richer while other people suffer. Desperation, insecurity, fear, sadness, disappointment, and depression have increased due to high food prices. Food producers and stores benefit from this, and the state also gets more in taxes. But the people lose. But in the long run, everyone actually loses.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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