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When you walk barefoot on the earth, you gain the benefit of electromagnetic resonance.

At 7.83 Hz, this is considered the ‘heartbeat’ of the earth, which aligns with our own heartbeat

That’s why when you walk barefoot on the sand, grass, or stone, and especially when you hug a tree while barefoot, you enhance your connection with the earth. Mixing these elements together intensifies the effect. We resonate and synchronize with the earth’s pulse. So if you want to double the effect, it’s better to hug a tree while barefoot.

By amplifying our synchronization with the Earth’s pulse, we deepen our connection with nature. This sheds light on why our ancestors felt such a profound connection to the natural world.

✅ Electromagnetic resonances  are generated and exist within the Earth’s atmospheric cavity, between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

✅ The ionosphere is a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies about 60 to 1,000 kilometers (37 to 620 miles) above the Earth. The ionization process results in a layer rich in ions and free electrons, which can conduct electricity.

✅ Earth contains many ions, found in the soil, rocks, water, and atmosphere, including the ionosphere, which is particularly rich in ions. However, the total quantity of ions is impossible to calculate.

Ions are constantly being created and destroyed through various natural processes. These ions are vital for many natural and biological functions.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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