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Keep Hope Alive

See your problem as an opening, an opportunity for GOD to spread light in your life. Don’t give up. Sitting on my own problem mountain, surrounded by catastrophic darkness, i saw no solution. But even in the deepest darkness, i knew the dawn was on its way.

i cried out, with my whole body, every thought in my mind, and every beat of my heart. i cried out to my FATHER, my GOD, our heavenly creator, in the name of HIS beloved son, JesuS Christ. Through fasting and prayer, i sought his light.

And so, surrounded by darkness, a glimmer of hope began to shine. The sunrise, as a promise of a new day and new opportunities, began to slowly but surely penetrate. Like a tender embrace, it enveloped my life with light and warmth.

If your problem is finance and career, my friend, do not be afraid to abstain from money, career, and greed, even at the lowest levels. If you can be free from money and career, then you are a free man. Break free from your prison. Don’t see your problem as something to fear, but as a challenge to overcome, as a path to a brighter future. The sun always rises again, and each new day offers new opportunities. Keep hope alive.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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