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The Value of a New Day: Life’s Invaluable Gift

🟩 If i offered you a gift of 3 million kronor, would you accept it?

🟥 Yes, why not?

🟩 But if my only requirement was that you, from tomorrow, would never wake up again. Would today be your last day. Would you still accept the gift?

🟥 No.

🟩 Why not?

🟥 Because it’s simply not worth it!

🟩 So, are you saying that the opportunity to wake up tomorrow has a value over 3 million kronor?

🟥 Yes.

🟩 Why then are you not more grateful to GOD, our FATHER, every morning when you wake up? Hasn’t HE given you a new day, something that is worth more than a billion kronor? HE who created the whole world and universe for your sake, loves you so much that HE gave his SoN, JesuS, for our sins. HE who is our heavenly FATHER.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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