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Wild Mushrooms have the only vegen source of vitamin d other than sun

It is loaded with b vitamin which are really essential for your skin

For  your heart for your mood  , adrenals ,stress , a high amount of copper and it is in a plant based form.

It is a type of copper that is needed in the vitamin c complex.

So wild mushrooms are high in vitamin c its there to help you to build collagen  its help helpful  for the adrenal , connected tissue,joint health.

And then we have solenium which actually is great to convert t4 to t3 through your liver so you need this to make that enzyme .

T3 (Triiodothyronine) and t4 (Thyroxine) are hormones produced by the thyroid gland, not terms commonly used to categorize food or denote components of food.

t3 and t4 play important roles in bodily functions such as metabolism, heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development, and maintaining the health of your bones.

✅ Enzyme:

Enzymes are like tiny, natural machines inside our bodies (and all living things) that help to speed up chemical reactions.

Enzymes are indeed a kind of catalyst, but specifically in biological systems.

Imagine you have a pile of Lego blocks and you want to build a tower. It would take a long time if you have to find each piece one by one and then connect them. Now imagine if you had a friend who was really good at finding and connecting Lego blocks. They could help you do it much faster. That’s similar to what an enzyme does.

For example, when we eat food, enzymes help break it down so we can use it for energy. Without enzymes, this process would be so slow that it wouldn’t be much use to us.

So, in short, enzymes are special proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the bodies of living organisms. They’re crucial for everything from digestion to Dna replication.

Wild mushrooms = Vitamin d:

Especially those found in the forest, or perhaps certain types that have been grown under ultraviolet light to increase their Vitamin d content, contain a lot of vitamins.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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