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Why The Elderly?

The Significance of the Elderly for the Harmony, Safety, and Joy of Society: a Deep Dive

It cannot be denied that a society’s greatness can largely be judged by its respect for the elderly. This respect is a symbol of a culture that values experience, wisdom, and humanity – values deeply rooted in Iran, the world’s oldest civilization. With thousands of years of rich history and cultural development, Iran is a living tribute to the values that have been generated over the course of time. This deep respect for the elderly is not just a sign of the Iranians’ cultural identity – it is part of their soul and blood.

Valuing the elderly is not just an honorable tradition, but also a wise strategy. Elderly people possess an invaluable source of experience and knowledge. Their calm and thoughtfulness often offer a stable foundation in the stormy seas of youthful impulsiveness and haste. In ancient Greece and China, as well as many other places around the world, the wisdom and knowledge of the elderly have historically been highly valued.

Although the influence of other cultures has eroded some of these values in Iran, the country’s fundamental respect for the elderly remains strong in comparison to the Western world. Iran has retained the moral and humanistic roots that value its older population. Iranians are inspired by their history and the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences of the elderly. They know that their elders preserve and transmit traditions and a history that extends thousands of years back, traditions that have shaped them over time. They understand that it is history that has provided them with wisdom, and that their elders’ mentorship is the best source of firsthand perspectives on both history and life.

a society that forgets or does not respect its elders is a society in decline. This is where family ties break and many problems and disasters for life itself arise, depression and misfortune flourish and a sense of mistrust sets in. By not valuing the wisdom of their elders, these societies lose their ability to find joy, security, and hope – they lose their guidance, they lose almost everything. Instead, the young people turn to fleeting idols and celebrities, who often lead them astray.

So what is the remedy for this crisis? The solution lies in the timeless values of love and respect, embodied by JesuS, the family, and our Heavenly FATHER, our GOD. By returning to these principles, we can build a stronger and more united society and family.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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