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Amo, an honorable man from Iraq who was forced away from the safety of his homeland

Amo is a homeless man who found himself on the streets five years ago. Life’s trials and tribulations have forced him to find a home on the hard asphalt of the streets. Despite the circumstances, Amo is humble, and his love for his fellow human beings shines brightly, even in the most difficult moments.

When Amo’s well-being began to deteriorate, he realized something was wrong. His courage and determination led him to healthcare, where a blood test revealed a shocking diagnosis: diabetes. Amidst the battle against homelessness, this diagnosis came as a hard blow, both physically and emotionally. Now he faced the challenge of carefully monitoring and managing his eating habits; a challenge that can feel overwhelming even for those with a stable life, let alone someone fighting for survival on the street.

After attempting to balance his illness on his own, Amo soon found himself in a desperate situation. His doctors warned, with sorrow in their eyes, of the risk that his leg might need to be amputated due to neglected and worsened wounds. Imagine standing in Amo’s shoes and facing the possibility of losing a leg to the relentless claws of the disease. It’s a reality most of us would find difficult to even imagine.

Unfortunately, many who live on the streets suffer from diabetes, a disease often resulting from constant stress, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet rich in sugar and fast carbohydrates.

It’s the strong engagement and generosity of the Swedish people that keeps Amo and many others alive. Thanks to the help from the Swedish population, as well as the humanity and Swedish culture deeply rooted in the Bible and Christianity, Amo can continue his struggle, despite everything, says Amo himself.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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