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The Silent Suffering of Homelessness

Swollen feet and legs – an invisible catastrophe

Swollen feet are often the result of fluid accumulation in the tissues. This chronic swelling, also called edema, can cause discomfort and give a feeling of extra weight in the feet and tiredness.The sensation of the skin can also change, become tight and tense, with particularly noticeable swelling around the ankles. Poor blood circulation can occur, often leading to inflammations in the feet of homeless individuals.

After a while, these swollen legs may start to crack. Blood and infection can then leak out, causing an unpleasant smell and being very distressing. I have met many homeless people who have become “used” to their swollen legs, but they become incredibly isolated because of this.

There may be a few who are a bit mentally ill, but the majority of those suffering from swollen legs are simply homeless and lack the ability to rest comfortably.

They may be forced to sleep sitting on a bench or not even have that possibility. In warm weather, they might be able to get some rest outdoors, but it’s not the same as proper rest. That’s why there are many legs and hearts that can’t handle the hardships of homelessness and thus suffer enormously.

If someone were to get access to proper rest, it takes a while before the legs slowly start to heal. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to regain the prior function of the legs after a period of homelessness.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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