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Why a Sleeping Bag?

Homeless Essentials: Safety and Devotion

Imagine suddenly becoming homeless this evening. What’s the first thing you would need? It’s not food, water, or clothes – even though they’re important – it’s sleep. a peaceful, undisturbed sleep to regain your strength, sharpen your mind, and prepare you for the coming day of struggling to find food and other basic needs.

Would you, unprotected, lay down on a park bench, in a forest, or under a bridge? That’s hardly ideal, for even though it’s possible, it can lead to illness, expose you to danger, or even risk your life in the cold. Therefore, a sleeping bag, followed by a small tent and a ground pad, becomes the first line of life-saving for a homeless person.

Not just any sleeping bag either; it must be robust, reliable, and capable of resisting the whims of nature. Unfortunately, 97% of sleeping bags are inadequate and almost unusable in cold weather.

However, a useful sleeping bag provides not only protection against the harshness of the weather, but also against potential animals. It gives you the chance for a stable sleep, which is crucial for keeping both the body and mind fresh.

If one simultaneously wants to find peace in the storm, the most reliable source for this might be to read the Bible and communicate with GOD, in the name of JesuS Christ.

For many years of being homeless or helping the homeless, i have on countless occasions observed homeless individuals who found strength in their faith in JesuS. They often handle homelessness and tough situations with noticeable strength and dignity compared to those who lack JesuS and GOD.

All of this forms a foundation for ensuring your survival and the next steps you need to take in your new and unexpected life. Understanding this is not only important for the homeless, but also for all of us, as understanding and empathy for these harsh realities can lead to more effective support measures.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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