Homeless Newspaper
Hemlösas Tidning

JesuS is the King of kings

i am homeless

a new turning point: Homeless Newspaper – a step towards change

We, the homeless, hope that we can develop the Homeless Newspaper in a variety of creative ways. We wish that individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs will take the step to interact with us, provide valuable feedback, and help shape the future of the Homeless Newspaper.

As the entire sales revenue, the full amount of 33 kronor per copy, goes directly to us, we hope that the risk of the newspaper ceasing to print is minimal.

For a person like me, without access to Swish or a bank account, this newspaper means a new beginning.

It’s the starting shot for a new journey, not just for us homeless, but for everyone involved – it offers a new opportunity for us homeless and a way for society to support those who really sleep on the street.

We hope that the Homeless Newspaper becomes a positive force in the development of society. We hope that the sales and the engagement required to develop the Homeless Newspaper will enrich everyone involved.

i have understood that Kavian Ferdowsi, the founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper, is convinced that the Homeless Newspaper belongs to our Heavenly FATHER GOD. Kavian’s hope and faith in GOD and JesuS

and his tireless love for humanity, will be a driving force to make the Homeless Newspaper even better. I, as one of the homeless, am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to write my first article in the first issue of the Homeless Newspaper. You will read more articles from me here in the newspaper, follow me on my journey through life.

The Homeless Newspaper is a reflection of GOD’s and JesuS’s love, the true love. It reflects the beauty of the sun and GOD’s light that drives away the darkness and triumphs over it.

Gregory Stepien

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