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JesuS is the King of kings

The bonds of family and its significance are a central part of our lives. In a family where each member shows respect, listens, and supports one another, strong cohesion and affection are created.

a strong and healthy family is characterized by parents who devote their time and commitment to their children. These parents let their children grow up in love and security, prioritizing their children over money and career. They realize that it’s not money or career success that will benefit their children most in the long run. They understand that children need their presence more than material wealth, and they can’t buy genuine happiness and true joy for their children.

Children, in turn, fully respect their parents without hesitation. They listen to their parents with open hearts and genuine respect.

Within the family, we learn to give and receive forgiveness, to love and show love in tangible ways. The family is also the place where we share our life experiences, our dreams, and our fears. When children grow up in a simple and positive family context, they rarely develop strange complexes. From a broader perspective, we can have a better society with fewer conflicts and wars if we have Christ-based families. When we have fewer wars, we also have a better environment and nature, as conflicts and wars harm nature, animals, the environment, and the climate. More can be read about this at Forgivenesscommittee.com

By being together and working together, we can complement each other, learn from each other, and protect each other. We can together reflect on various aspects of life, grow, become wiser, and more humble. We stand by each other’s side, both in dark and bright times.

Families that have GOD and HIS son JesuS as their foundation often have a stronger sense of hope and meaning in life. They tend to be healthier, less stressed, and have fewer mental issues. There’s an abundance of hope, joy in life, and a deeper sense of truth and meaning in these families.

Divorces become rare in such families, as there’s respect and love between parents and children. Homelessness is an unknown concept; one is always there for the other, one does not lie, and one is a moral person. In such a family, they love each other.

Therefore, JesuS is the way, the truth, and the life.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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