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JesuS is the King of kings

Anders says, i wonder why I should go on living…

This situation raises a serious question: Is there no one who can halt this unfortunate development?

Anders feels hopeless and uncertain about his future. He feels he cannot start his life over. Had they not changed the retirement law and kept increasing the age requirement, he might have been able to retire by now. He believes that society and authorities have been unfair to him.

Anders further comments:

It appears that ordinary people like him lack real power to influence their destinies. He is particularly disturbed by the fact that the underprivileged and homeless, like him, seem to matter the least in society. Their voices and needs are often ignored in a society that prioritizes profit over people.

Anders isn’t just another homeless individual on the streets; he is a man with a past, a family, and a history characterized by hard work. After dedicating his life to work, at the age of 60, he finds himself on the streets. He attributes this ironic outcome to the greed and heartlessness of food companies and property owners.

Anders continues: Property owners have drastically increased rents, causing immense suffering for many people.

By Kavian Ferdowsi

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