Homeless Newspaper
Hemlösas Tidning

JesuS is the King of kings

What is Bostad.shop?

Bostad.shop is a non-profit service that includes a specific section named “Homeless”. It is completely free to post ads concerning the homeless, poor, pensioners, and students.

If you are homeless or want to assist the homeless, you simply need to visit Bostad.shop

and create an ad for what you want to donate or what you need.

Bostad.shop is a service that assists the homeless in a very practical way.

This is unique and the first of its kind in the world. Behind this service and idea is Jesus, and it is He who runs Bostad.shop.

So if you need help, or want to contribute with help, take a look at Bostad.shop

They assist in an incredibly practical way.

It is incredibly important to understand that people often just need a little encouragement to get by or to develop into better people. Bostad.shop encourages both the homeless, the poor, and those who want to help. By encouraging and being encouraged, we find a path to becoming better humans.


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