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For many years, i have fought and tried to convince the state that a minister for the homeless is the solution to homelessness, where all resources, information, and opportunities should be gathered. Instead of large non-profit organizations and companies becoming richer and richer, people can focus on an authority called the “department for the homeless” and a minister for the homeless. From there, we can save the homeless and eradicate homelessness. This could become a model and symbol for other countries.

We hope that the parliament and the government, this time, take this creative idea seriously and act kindly, wisely, and compassionately, so that society’s most vulnerable, poorest, and voiceless – the homeless – get their own minister, a minister for the homeless.

It is important not to prioritize women over men again, as it becomes unfair and means discrimination against men.

This risks undermining our genuine work and the impact we are striving for.

I have spent over a decade improving the situation for the homeless, a struggle i documented in my book “Homeless and Coronavirus: 20 Rules for Peace,” published several years ago. With the growing crisis surrounding homelessness, it is now critical that the government takes action. To facilitate this work, we have already developed a detailed action plan, complete with resources and strategies. We are ready to collaborate with both authorities and the government to realize our overarching goal: to create a ministry for the homeless. Such a step would not only be a milestone for the homeless but also a concrete solution to a long-standing societal problem.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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