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Invisible Diseases

Within us all, there are diseases that might not be so visible, yet they are there, like invisible ghosts shadowing our souls. We are talking about diseases like stress, cancer, but also the more abstract ones: the thirst of materialism, the poison of immorality, the cold of loneliness, the iron grip of greed, the shame of food waste, the wasteland of selfishness, the darkness of disrespect, the noise of impatience, the masquerade of lies, the void of godlessness…

Where are we heading? Where are we steering our journey when we pass by homeless people on the street, when we see them and their faces marked by despair and worry, worn by life’s harsh winds, voiceless in a society that does not want to listen; where are we heading? How is a homeless person to survive in this world, in this time, characterized by the diseases I have listed?

How beautiful are the teachings of JesuS Christ:

If we sit there with two shirts and cannot spare one for the homeless, if we have two loaves of bread but do not share one with the hungry, if we have two pairs of shoes and do not give one pair to those whose feet are exposed to the cold. If we can sit on the toilet in peace and quiet, if we can cook food on a warm stove, if we have a roof over our heads and money in the bank, while the homeless are driven to despair on the street…

Where are we heading? What are we doing? Think about it, my friend!”

-Kavian Ferdowsi

a quote from the book “Homeless and Coronavirus / 20 Rules for Peace”

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