Homeless Newspaper
Hemlösas Tidning

JesuS is the King of kings

a Voice for the Homeless and a Duty for us All

Homelessness is a global challenge affecting millions of people around the world. It is time for us all to take our moral responsibility and commit to combating this growing problem.

a groundbreaking publication that gives a voice to the homeless and spreads hope is Homeless Newspaper (Homelessnewspaper.com)

a unique and engaging platform that everyone should support.

Homeless Newspaper focuses on homelessness, poverty, and forgiveness, with the aim of providing a genuine and nuanced picture of the prevailing homelessness situation. Functioning as a grassroots movement, the newspaper strives to directly help the homeless and engage the public in contributing to their welfare. With hope and practical help as its cornerstones, the goal is to improve the lives of the homeless.

To make this project self-sustaining and to offer even more help to the homeless, businesses and individuals are encouraged to support “Homeless Newspaper” by advertising in the publication.

“Homeless Newspaper” is sold for 33 kronor per copy, with cash payment being the most common option since many homeless people lack a account number. The seller gets to keep the entire amount, which can be used to buy food, clothes, take a shower, or gain access to a warm bed for the night.

Supporting Homeless Newspaper is not only a humanitarian act but also a moral obligation for us all. By engaging with this publication, we can help give homeless people a voice and a chance to change their lives. It’s time for us to take our responsibility and support “HomelessNewspaper” – for a better world and for the sake of our fellow human beings. ❤ GOD ❤

Bless you in JesuS almighty name ✝️

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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