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103-year-old Tora Alfredsson

In the idyllic community of Brålanda, hidden in the heart of Sweden, lives a remarkable woman. Tora Alfredsson, at the impressive age of 103, is a living source of stories and wisdom spanning an entire century.

As a young girl, at just 16 years old, she began working in a pastor’s home and lovingly took care of his three children. It was here, in service to the church, that the foundation of her deeply rooted faith was laid. Her life has always been closely linked with faith, resulting in two sons, Tomas and Martin, and four beloved grandchildren.

Tora is a woman of strong faith, finding comfort and guidance in the holy scriptures. She reads the Bible daily, a testament to her tireless spiritual commitment. Her faith is not just limited to the private; she also spent time as a volunteer in Africa, an adventure she began through the church.

Almost 30 years ago, she lost her husband, Holger, to cancer. Despite the passage of time, she still deeply misses him. However, she finds solace in her faith and regular church visits, a place that has become a refuge for her.

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