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Help the homeless in a better way

If you’re looking for ways to help the homeless, here are two tips from me:

First, instead of offering them sugar-laden treats, try giving them something more nutritious, like nuts. Not only are they healthier, but they can also provide lasting nutrition and energy for those who need it.

Second, instead of giving a cup of coffee or tea to a homeless person a few times, consider giving them a thermos.

This small gesture can provide them with a reliable source of warmth and comfort, especially during colder months, and is a practical gift that they can use over and over again.

Remember, small actions can have a big impact, and these two simple tips can make a world of difference in the lives of those who are homeless. Homeless individuals who sleep on the streets are society’s most vulnerable, poorest, humblest, and most voiceless.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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