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Aspartame, an artificial sweetener

Until 1953, Coca-Cola was banned in Sweden because it contained phosphoric acid, which was deemed harmful to health. Every variant of Pepsi includes artificial sugar. However, as far as we know, the situation with Coca-Cola is different. Artificial sugar is used in Coca-Cola Zero, and this information is displayed on the label and packaging of the bottles.

Recent and past studies suggest that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners may lead to cancer, Dna damage, and various other health issues.

Aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar, is used in beverages, chewing gum, specific types of yogurt, and many other kinds of drinks.

Major food companies have been using Aspartame for many years, and safety institutions and organizations have consistently verified its usage. The American Food and Drug Administration recommends an acceptable daily intake of aspartame of 50 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Aspartame is just one of the many substances that food and beverage companies incorporate into their products.

Some of the products that contain Aspartame is Coca Cola Zero, Pepsi Max and Redbull, as well as bubblegums, yoghurt and other common food items.

However, it’s essential to approach information provided by universities, experts, and professors with a critical mindset. They don’t necessarily work in your best interest; their work is often influenced by financial considerations. Their findings can be relative, so we should not blindly trust them when they declare that something is safe and we have nothing to worry about.

No one can curb the greed of the wealthy or highly educated individuals. Therefore, it might be best to adopt a simple lifestyle: eat simply and live simply. By doing so, you could potentially reduce your exposure to risks.

– Kavian Ferdowsi

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