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Why do some people harbor prejudice towards the homeless?

There exists a notable portion of society that carries deep-seated resentment and fear towards homeless individuals. This animosity persists even when they personally know the individuals affected by homelessness. Worryingly, some project this unease and aversion onto their elderly relatives facing financial struggles.

It’s commonplace for people to pass judgment without truly comprehending the circumstances of those experiencing homelessness.

a substantial segment of the population tends to hold themselves in high regard, perceiving themselves as superior or of a higher social standing. This mindset can result in unjust treatment of homeless individuals.

Self-centeredness is a trait found among many, with individuals primarily looking out for their interests, and in the best scenarios, for their immediate family and friends.

Fear is another factor driving the aversion towards the homeless. Some people, particularly those belonging to the upper echelons of society, perceive homeless individuals as undeserving of assistance on the grounds that they do not work.

On the flip side, there are those who genuinely want to help the homeless but are deterred by the potential disapproval or judgment from friends or family members.

We should not forget that all people are not the same, they do not have the same capacity or necessarily the same mental or physical abilities. All people do not have the same opportunities, and therefore one should not judge others.

In the project: tobehomeless.se, one of the focus areas is that homeless people do not have or receive the same opportunities. They may not have the same strength or knowledge as others.


JesuS said: Do not judge other people.

Sadly, physical attacks on homeless people represent the most extreme form of this prejudice.

The root of such prejudice towards the homeless shares similarities with the dehumanization and intolerance promoted by ideologies like Nazism.

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