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You Can’t afford This

You can’t afford this:

I’m homeless, sleeping on the streets, and find my food here and there, i survive on minimal means. When it’s winter, my simple tent and sleeping bag aren’t enough to warm my body in the forest. Many times, I’ve walked past a shop in the city selling warm sleeping bags and good tents.

One day, I decided to go in and ask how much they cost, as i wanted to buy that tent and sleeping bag. i went in but dared not to ask. Yes, it has happened several times that I’ve gone in, checked the price, and thought that maybe one day they would lower it. One day when i passed by, i saw a large sign that said “sale”. I went in and asked straight away if the sleeping bags and tents were also on sale. She looked at me, it seemed as if she had been watching me for a while, she said “They are expensive, you can’t afford this. i thanked her and quickly left. But I wondered, why did she say that? Has she seen me all the times I’ve entered the shop and maybe thought I’m a thief? Or how did she know that i can’t afford this? Well, she is right, but how did she know that? I was thoughtful and went from one street to another, and then to another street. i didn’t feel like collecting bottles for recycling as that question gnawed hard at my heart. Suddenly, in front of a shop with a large kitchen glass window, when i saw myself in it, I was rooted to the spot and couldn’t continue my movement.

i got my answer. i saw myself, how unkempt and unfresh i was, and how fresh and well-dressed she was. How low i was, and how high she was… How poor and cheap I am. Now i found my answer.

But i know one thing, I’m the richest person i know, for my needs are the least and my heart is full of love for other people.

-Kavian Ferdowsi

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